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Hey there, I’m Therese Given!

Welcome to my little slice of the blogosphere…it’s so nice to have you here!I feel like I should offer you a drink or something but I guess I’ll just start by telling you a little about myself…

Blessed with four fabulous kids, one amazing husband (who’s responsible for putting the “Given” into Any Given Day Inspiration), and two of the cutest dogs EVER I’m just a girl living the dream. My dream, that is – the one I wrote about in my journal way back in 1998 when I had just started dating Mr. Right and wanted to be a married mom to four, working part-time.

Given Family

Actually, this journey began way before I even started dreaming…

You see, my oldest daughter, Chelsea, was born in 1992 when I was just nineteen (this is where you can do the math if you want to know my age *wink*). Then the dreaming began and my other three kiddos were born within a span of 4 1/2 years…

(Zachary-2000, Joseph- 2002 and Sophia- 2003).

So basically, I’ve been doing this mom thing for over twenty years- crazy, right?!?

 If I had a dollar for every time someone said “You’ve got your hands full!” I would be living on my own private island right now. But alas, I’m just residing here in Pennsylvania between the city of Philadelphia and the country side of Lancaster. Not quite island living but definitely not a bad place to be.

 When I’m not knee-deep in mom stuff or photographing newborns at the local hospital I try to sneak in as much creating (and shopping) as possible. That’s where my blog, Any Given Day Inspiration, comes in.

It’s my spot to share all the good things I come across in life involving anything from DIY and crafts to fashion,home decor, and organization. 

Here are some of my favorite posts to check out…

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You can also find me on these lovely Social Media Outlets:

Facebook: facebook.com/AnyGivenDayInspiration

Twitter: @AGDinspiration

Google Plus: gplus.to/theresegiven

YouTube: youtube.com/user/tlgiven

email: therese@AnyGivenDayInspiration.com

And I do all this while pondering the question,

“What do I want to be when I grow up?”.

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