DIY Chalkboard Art for Artistically Challenged

I have been itching to make my own chalkboard art, just like the kind you can spot all over Pinterest these days, however my artistic ability (or lack thereof) has delayed this project from actually happening. {more about that in this previous post that also involves stenciling ;)} That is until today, when I spotted this great design from Lori Whitlock over at the Silhouette online store. I immediately knew this was the perfect design to achieve the look of hand drawn chalkboard art.

I had already purchased the chalkboard at Kohl’s a while back.


I started out by “seasoning” the board, rubbing the whole thing with the side of chalk and then wiping it away so it looks like it’s been used a bit.

I went on to measure the area inside the frame and created a rectangle shape in Silhouette Studio using those dimensions. Then I opened the file and sized it to fit within the rectangle.

Screen shot 2014-02-16 at 8.52.39 PM

The design was then cut out of vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo which I then weeded to keep the negative space so that I could use it as a stencil. (Meaning I removed the vinyl that was the actual lettering)

Using transfer tape, I applied the vinyl stencil to the chalkboard and rubbed it thoroughly to get it to stick. Peeling the transfer tape off took a bit of patience but was definitely doable. Peeling at an angle from the corners helped.

DIY Chalkboard Art

I then used a chalk marker to fill in the letters. With the bigger letters, it helped to outline them first and then fill in the middle. For the shadow outline, I later took a cotton swab and removed some of the chalk so it was a lighter shade and more shadowy looking.

DIY Chalkboard Art | Any Given Day Inspiration

As a final touch, you can spray with a light coating of hairspray to help keep the chalk in place. When you want to redo the chalkboard, just wipe with a damp cloth and start all over again.

This is a great alternative for anyone who just can’t hand letter themselves but still wants to create their own “art”. For my first time around using this method I think it turned out pretty decent. I am definitely keeping my eye out for any other designs that I may be able to use in the future. Let me know if you try this yourself… I’d love to know how it turns out!!

DIY Chalkboard Art |

Target Haul Video

I thought I’d share a quick video with you on my finds from my most recent shopping trip to Target (aka- my happy place).

I can’t seem to get through Target without a complete walk through of the entire store just to make sure I’m not missing out on something. So tell me… What’s the one section you simply CAN’T miss when you go to Target?

String Eggs~ A Quick & Easy Easter Centerpiece

String Egg Tutorial Easter Centerpiece Idea



String Eggs are a quick, easy and FUN way to add a touch of color and whimsy to your Easter holiday or even just Spring in general.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started…


String Egg Tutorial Supplies



I used Sta-Flo liquid starch that I found at Walmart- they seriously have everything! (You can also find it on through the text link)

I grabbed some yarn at AC Moore that was kind of a mix between string and yarn. It’s called Sugar n’ Cream and comes in several spring-like colors.





First thing you’ll want to do is to cut your string into manageable pieces. I did each one about 24-36 inches.

And blow up your balloons. This is the hardest part… seriously, if you get through this it will be smooth sailing from here on out!

Next, pour some liquid starch into a shallow dish. I used a pie plate which gave me a lot of surface area to spread my pieces out.

Place about 3-5 pieces of yarn/string  in the starch at a time. Allow them to get totally saturated.

When you take the string out of the liquid but while still holding it over the bowl, run your thumb and forefinger down the piece to remove any excess starch.



String Egg Tutorial


 To start wrapping, it helps to cross over the end to hold it in place.



 Keep wrapping, spreading out string and crossing when possible.



Add enough pieces to cover the egg so that there are no major holes or until it looks good to you.

Don’t worry too much if the ends stay exactly in place. When the eggs dry and harden you can tuck the ends under the other string to create a finished look.

Set the eggs aside for about 24 hours and let them dry. It helps to turn them mid-way so that all sides get a chance to dry.

When eggs are dry and hardened, you can pop the balloon and gently remove it. Then go ahead and tuck those ends.


String Egg Tutorial


 Now grab a bowl, basket, vase or cloche, throw them in and TaaDaa- you have an EASTER CENTERPIECE!!

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Over-the-Door Organizer- Laundry Room Makeover Part 2

labeled, organizer, organization, storage, solution,

Did you think I forgot about the whole laundry room update I was going on and on about a few weeks ago in this post? I didn’t, I swear! I have just been baby-stepping my way through it. Sometimes I have a concept in my head and have to wait until I get enough brain power going to figure out how to carry it out. That’s pretty much the best way I can describe my process. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to…

Our laundry room has two doors- one that connects to the kitchen and one that leads to the garage. We don’t really use our front door very often so this has become our main thoroughfare to get in and out of the house. Because of this we have an over-the-door organizer that holds items we need to grab and go like sunglasses, hats, gloves, YMCA membership cards and dog supplies.

Here’s what that “organizer” has looked like up until now… BLECH!!!

organizer, door, entry, laundry

This is all the crap that was “organized” in that mess. See if you can spot the

  1. bubba teeth
  2. mismatched walkie talkies
  3. enough dog collars to start my own rescue


Over-the-Door Organizer

oh and this blast from the past…

I really like the concept of having essential items close at hand but as you can see over time things tend to add up. It was important to me to not only clear through some of the less essential items but also to have it less visually overwhelming overall.

All it took was a trip to Ikea where I found a similar organizer but instead of clear plastic it’s pockets are white.  Getting better already- ahhhhh….

Over-the-Door Organizer

The part that really delayed progress these past weeks was figuring out how to label the pockets while keeping it visually attractive. I thought about labeling the outside of the pockets or hanging tags from each one but I really wanted a cleaner look. I finally decided on tucking a piece of card stock inside each pocket and labeled it using my Silhouette Cameo and a file from the Silhouette store. I then altered some of the cards to better match what they were labeling.

Pocket organizer, shoe, storage, organization, door, label


Here’s my lovely assistant who generously offered to demonstrate what it will look like when we use this organizer…


Over-the-Door Organizer

Although this journey is taking me longer than some may think it should, I am perfectly pleased with the results of waiting for the right inspiration to strike.

organizer, door, storage, solution

I hope someone else can shorten their journey by using my ideas as inspiration! I would love to hear about it if you do.

Stop back next week when I reveal the other changes going on in the laundry room. You can make sure you don’t miss out on updates by signing up for email alerts or subscribe by RSS.

painting, interior, doors, black, white trim

I Want to Paint it Black- My Guy Friday

I see a red white door and I want to paint it bla-ack!

Black Interior Doors

My Guy hates that song and I must say he has pretty decent taste in music so I usually just go along with him. I think he would say I have pretty decent taste in decorating so HE usually just goes along with me. See where I’m going with this? Yes, I have caught the bug to paint all interior doors on the first floor of our house BLACK! It started innocently enough while browsing home decorating blogs and Pinterest. I wasn’t looking to change the color of my doors but the contrast is so striking with the white trim it just captivated me. Okay, that and the fact that I realized if the doors were black I’d have less finger print marks to wipe off- if I’m being really honest here. And when “I say I caught the bug to paint” I guess I really mean “I caught the bug to have *Dennis* paint”. He really is the better painter and luckily he is such a willing partner to my ideas! He jumped right into this project before the holidays and got partially through. He’ll be finishing up this Spring when we can redo our entrance door (inside & out) as well. Here’s a peak at what we have done so far…

Black Interior Doors


Black Interior Doors-Pantry

Dennis was even sweet enough to switch out the hardware for me as well. We replaced the brassy looking originals with satin nickel finish. I can’t believe what a difference it makes!

Interior Black Doors Hardware

I honestly wouldn’t have thought of doing this color on my own if I hadn’t seen it done already. We have such great resources for online inspiration these days! Where is your favorite place to look for inspiration?

This post is the first in a series I am starting called My Guy Friday. Every other Friday I will share a project that wouldn’t have been possible (or probable) without my husband, Dennis. He’s my handyman , craft assistant, IT guy and   biggest supporter and I hope through these  posts you get to know a little about the man who put the “Given” into Any Given Day Inspiration.



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