Dish Drainer Distress

Posted on Feb 4, 2013 in Organization | 3 comments

A couple of months or so ago I had an epiphany. It went a little something like this:


 and then…

So I decided to consult others on this topic and went right to the experts over at the inspiration/solution-filled site called Hometalk where I posted this:
“While cleaning up the breakfast dishes this morning I realized how much space my dish drainer takes up and how generally unattractive it looks. I have always kept it out at all times (with the exception of when we entertain & will have many people in the kitchen) but I’m realizing now what an awful eyesore it is any day of the week. To top it off, it is in clear view from my foyer / front door. We are a family of six so there are lots of dishes/pots washed daily but I need a better solution. What are some alternatives to this boring & ugly dish rack?”
Well, goodness- who knew this topic could get so much feedback?!? 4562 views and 42 comments later {here’s the link if you want to read them all}  I took those suggestions and came up with a solution that seems to be working for me. Here’s what I did…
  • Hung up the dish drainer {both literally and figuratively} and stored it on the inside of the sink cabinet door using Command Hooks. That way it is still accessible for those times when there’s an abundance of dishes to dry but out of the way to help break the habit of always having something in it.Dish Mat
  • Purchased a dish drying mat to place wet dishes, pots and pans while waiting to dry. The one I got can be folded in half for small jobs or opened up whole when there’s more to dry. It also fits nicely over my cabinet door to allow it to dry in between uses. _MG_0309
  • For smaller jobs and/or utensils, I found this great Boholmen Colander at IKEA that I can use in the more narrow side of my sink. Bonus is that it has a hole in the corner of it that allows me to hang it right on the hook that the dish drainer is.IMG_0322
  • Committed to using my resources at hand more… both dishwasher (machine) and dish dryers (aka- kids). I am definitely putting more things into the dishwasher and calling on the kids to unload said dishes or dry the hand washes ones.

So there you have it, these are the changes I’ve implemented over the past few months thanks to the feedback and suggestions from Hometalk. It survived the test of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and has become a welcomed change in the kitchen, freeing up some counter space and giving the kitchen a more presentable look overall.

dish drainer collage.png.png
Makes me question what other eye sores I have been living with without realizing it. On to the laundry room… I’m pretty sure I can find a few there :)


  1. I did the same thing, but I threw away my old drying rack & only use the drying mat…def frees up more space & looks much less cluttered! Thanks for the original idea ;)

  2. Hi is your sink under mount or drop in?

    • It’s drop in. Thanks for stopping by!


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