Domino Effect Decorating- Part 1 of 2 (or 3 or 4)

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Another room that got an update over the past months is the family room. A new sofa was the catalyst. The one we had was about 8 years old and had survived kids, pets and the move to our new house which included a stay in a storage facility where it stood balancing on its side for a couple of weeks while we moved. Needless to say, we got a lot of wear out of it and it was starting to show (and to be perfectly honest- smell). So after months of looking around we decided to go to bite the bullet and buy a new one. We knew we wanted a leather sofa but anyone who has been shopping for seating knows how it goes… back too short, cushion too soft, seat too wide… until just the right one is found. I don’t even think we wanted to like the one we got. The display was a sectional much to big and bulky for what we had in mind. But when I sat in it I swear it hugged me and never wanted me to get up again. We both agreed and managed to convince each other that this had to be the one and we would make it work.
And this is what you would describe as the first domino. Forgoing the sectional we instead decided on the sofa which led us to get the matching rocker/recliner because it just wouldn’t have looked right with the old chair.

And that led us to move the old chair to the basement until we decided to try it in the corner where the striped chair used to sit.

MMMMHHHHMMMM… yes, thankfully my husband is a patient, patient man. That worked perfectly but the leather furniture still looked too, well, ummm- brown. So I did what any smart decorator would do- add pillows and blankets!! I probably didn’t help that I work part time at Pier 1 which has me brainwashed that every couch should have at least five pillows on it. I found the perfect ones at Target and after some worked and reworking (and returning) the perfect balance was met which included relocating a pair of pillows that had previously been adorning my living room couch.

Perfect- almost! Now the wall art we had above our mantle was looking very out of place. Not to worry, remember- I said I worked at Pier 1? And I just happened to fall in love with a piece that would fit in just perfectly and it was on sale and I get a discount on top of that… winning!

With the finishing touches of a new candle here and a relocated basket there we were crossing the finish line of our family room update.

 And here is the finished product for the family room… at least for now. It’s such a better atmosphere to relax in. And luckily the dogs have stayed off the new furniture… a small miracle in itself. But the domino doesn’t end here… remember that striped chair I mentioned a while back? Well, it had to find a new home too~ And the living room seemed like as good a spot as any…

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