Family Adventure to Hawk Mountain

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Hawk Mountain 2012

Since I have stopped working at my part-time retail job (which consequently took up most of my weekends) our family has been taking full advantage of the extra time to do fun stuff. One of our recent excursions was to Hawk Mountain. Hawk Mountain is a 2,600 acre sanctuary located in part of the Appalachian Mountain chain near Reading and Allentown. There are several trails to hike, ranging from easy to challenging, depending on how much time and intensity you want to put into your hike.

Hawks Migrate

We did the North Lookout Trail with a couple of detours along the way. The younger kids are at the perfect ages (9, 10, 12) to enjoy this without being overly burdensome and it’s challenging enough the my oldest (19) was still interested. There is a trail guide that you can download from the website that gives you additional information and guidance. I would advise going on the website to get all the details but here are some of the most important things I can think of:

  • Don’t forget your camera. The landscape and views make for some amazing pictures.
  • Bring something to eat and drink. We got food beforehand but got really hungry mid-hike so it’s definitely worth carrying something with you.
  • Wear the most hiking-friendly shoes you have. I’m not going to say go out and buy hiking boots but I wore Converse sneakers and my feet could feel every rock under foot along the way {ouch}!
  • Bring an extra layer. Some parts of trail can be quite a workout so you may get warm but mostly I have found it to be on the cool side due to the elevation and surrounding trees.
  • Consider leashes or tying bungee cords on the children. Haha, I joke… however, there are some rocky cliffs and steep descents that could present potential danger. You probably want to encourage the kiddos to proceed with caution.

The greatest hawk diversity is said to be during October with fall foliage colors peaking during mid-month so now is the perfect time to plan your visit to Hawk Mountain. Unfortunately, the only raptor we saw was this vulture perched on a rock.

Vulture at Hawk Mountain

However, that did not take away from the awesome adventure that we had on our hike.

hawk mountain look out

I would also suggest stopping by Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA if you are out that way. It is a massive store filled with everything you can think of for the great outdoors. Even if you are not into hunting, fishing or camping, there are aquarium and animal displays along with a shooting gallery that are worth the stop in themselves. If you are feeling extra adventurous after a day spent in the wild you can also try some boar, elk or bison at their restaurant.

Both of these stops are just two other great places to visit within a short drive of the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Definitely contenders for the list I started in this blog post.

hawk mountain

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