Fangirling… The Killers play The Paradise Theater

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It’s been a long time coming but last week my favorite band, The Killers, FINALLY released a new album (after a long, lonely, four-year wait). Consequently, it was released on the same day as their show in New York which I happened to get tickets to since I am a member of their fan club. Yes, that’s right… I am 39 years old and I belong to a fan club. Honestly it makes me feel young, they make me feel young… And not inappropriate “young”. Passionate, young. I helps that I get to share this passion with my daughter. So together we set out on our road trip with our first stop being Target so we could buy the Deluxe CD version of Battle Born.  Then proceeded to The Bronx determined to get as close as possible during the concert. We got about 3-4 people away form the stage and had a great view the entire concert! (I swear our view was much better than these sorry pics from my Droid (#neediphonenow)

The Killers Paradise Theater

But we didn’t stop there…

It was dark and storming when we exited the theater. In fact, the battery on my phone had been drained from the tornado watch messages I had been receiving all night. But in addition to wanting to get good spots at the concert, we were also convinced we would meet the lead singer, Brandon Flowers. And so to the backside of the theater we headed. It was the logical place they would exit. All the equipment trucks were there and the crew were moving about packing things up. There were security guards and two police officers as well. I thought for sure we would be sent on our way. But with a couple of questions and friendly conversation we managed to plant ourselves right amongst all the action (and rain) and committed to stick it out for as long as it took. Yes, we were FANGIRLING and it felt so exciting! I had my Sharpie, I had my CD to be signed, I rehearsed what I would say to Brandon if given the chance… all we needed was the band.

Things started to look serious with people calling for cars, official umbrella holders taking their places and fencing put up to keep a path clear for The Killers. Yes, it was happening… after 45 minutes of waiting in the rain my life was about to become complete. And so it started… Mark Stoermer walked out first (barely any eye contact, head down, quiet) then Dave Keuning (slightly more friendly looking but still not much). Then a bit of a  lull… here comes Mrs. Flowers and some other ladies. Wait for it… and then Brandon came out!!!!!! Holy heck, I can’t even describe how I felt… tongue-tied, smiling, happy tears. That’s as good as I can get. He stopped and shook my hand, I think I told him what I had practiced, I asked him to sign my CD which he did. And then I called him back to me to get a picture. Again, crappy picture but really its a memory that lives in my heart more than my camera.

Fangirling for Brandon Flowers

After that Ronnie Vannucci came out and stood away from the fans. I made eye contact and waved at him which he returned the wave. He didn’t stop on his way past us but did give me a high-five. (for the record, I was the only one he touched- NBD)

If you haven’t heard of The Killers I highly suggest you to give them a listen. If you already have a favorite band, I advise you to join their fan club. And if you EVER get the opportunity  to fangirl by all means take that chance and make some memories happen!

**You can watch the entire concert on YouTube.



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