Halloween Clearance Haul

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I was in Target this morning on a completely legitimate shopping trip (you know there’s a problem when you feel the need to justify your actions) when I happened upon the Halloween clearance section. Okay, maybe I was more like, “Oh crud, I see all the Christmas stuff out but where’s the Halloween deals?!?” Regardless, I found them tucked back into the corner at a whopping 90% off! There wasn’t too much left but I managed to find some pieces that were worth snatching up.

First thing that caught my eye was these swords. I have two boys, one who is particularly fond of just this sort of thing. At 50¢ & 90¢ I could afford to make him a happy boy.

Halloween Clearance

I love having items like these on hand. If they don’t make their way into a Halloween costume, they can always be used as toys, dress up or movie props. Here are some Zombie gloves (40¢), braided wig ($1.00) and “bearded brute” mask ($1.00). I think I might call dibs on the latter two for my costume next year.

Halloween clearance braided wig

As far as actual costumes go, I try to pick up ones that have pieces that could be used multiple ways or are very generic. Skull Reaper ($2.50) & Champion Boxer ($3.00) fit the bill. The reaper may be turned into an outdoor decoration and if neither of the boys want to be a boxer, the robe could always be used as a “young Hugh Hefner” costume- LOL!

skull reaper halloween costume

Halloween costume champion boxer

I wish I could say that I was done Halloween shopping for the year but I know myself too well. I fell in love with a skeleton at CVS and I’m stalking him for further mark-downs before I quit. You’ll have to wait for next years post to meet him though ;)





  1. Exton or Lionville Target? Will def have to check out :)

    • Lionville- run, don’t walk! :)

  2. I love 90% off sales…even if I have to wait a year to use the stuff. Sounds like a legitimate shopping trip to me.

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