Halloween Decorating- Tips & Tricks (or treats)

Posted on Oct 18, 2012 in Home Decor | 4 comments

Halloween mantle

With the realization that Halloween is quickly approaching, I finally got my rear in gear to decorate. It’s definitely a love/hate process in the fact that I LOVE the colors, textures and theme of Halloween but I HATE actually taking the stuff out of storage and getting it displayed. Over the years I have been working to get a system in place that makes the most out of the pieces I have collected, many of which were purchased at end of season discounted prices, while maintaining style and cohesiveness throughout. Here are some of the highlights of what I have so far with some suggestions to go along.

  • Faux cobwebs are a must. Besides the creep factor, you’ll buy yourself some time off from dusting the surfaces you put them on. Places to put them include light fixtures, frames, furniture or the mantle. Don’t forget to pick up some spiders to make them even more realistic.

faux cobwebs for Halloween decor

  • If you have a variety of decorations that don’t all work together, consider making each room a different theme. We are pretty light on the scary factor so I saved that stuff for a smaller area, our powder room. We have bloody handprints on the widow, a furry spider that hangs out ready to pounce and a skeleton that replaces your face when you look in the mirror.

  • Stock up on the basics when you find a good price. You can always do something with extra spiders, pumpkins, webs and skeletons! This simple centerpiece was just a foam skull with some seasonal glass scatters around it.

halloween skull centerpiece

  • Just because an item is sold for outside use doesn’t mean that you have to use it there. We attempted to display this witch on our front door but with the severe winds we get around here we found her a safer place indoors here on our living room mirror. So think outside the box or rather take the outside, in ;-)

flying witch halloween decor

  • I usually leave the outside decorations to my husband but window decals are a great way to show some holiday spirit from the inside, out. You can find these anywhere from CVS to Target. They are super cheap & easy to put up with some double-sided tape. Make sure to leave some lights on inside to best illuminate them!

Ghost Window decal

  • Whether you decorate a lot or a little, what matters most is to surround yourself with things that make you smile and inspire you. Here’s a few more touches that do just that to me.

Halloween decor collage

Good luck in your decorating! I’d love to hear your tips as well. Your comments are always welcome here!

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  1. Your house looks amazing.

    • Thanks, Veronica! I wouldn’t mind swapping with you though so I could have that awesome kitchen & view!!

  2. Love it…totally need you to come & decorate my house :)

    • Thanks, so now I’m decorating AND cleaning your floors?!? ;)

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