Hey Girl, Let’s Go To Ikea- My Guy Friday

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Ryan Gosling, Ikea, Hey Girl, My Guy Friday

So yeah, this is my guy. Ok, maybe he’s not really Ryan Gosling but he did initiate a spur of the moment trip to Ikea the other weekend and did tolerate an extreme amount of wandering. And purchasing… can’t forget the purchasing. Anyway, we got some great stuff for the laundry room makeover. You can see what I’ve done with one of our finds in my latest Laundry Room Makeover post.

Any don’t be too jealous but…

Home, Improvement, Ryan Gosling, Hey Girl

Yeah, my guy again. After work last Saturday I came home to find he had already started on the other major piece of the makeover project- installing another one of our finds from Ikea, a KVARTAL track system. And he really is extra dreamy because he even remembered to take pictures along the way.

KVARTAL, Laundry, track system, home


KVARTAL, Ikea, track system, laundry, room, home


We’re going to be using the track system to hold fabric panels that will conceal all the items on our builders grade wire shelving.


KVARTAL, Ikea, track system, laundry room, home


Here’s a peak at what it will look like in the end with the paint color swatch that I’m considering…


KVARTAL, track system, Ikea, laundry room, home


So what do you think- is it too much? No, not my overuse of Ryan Gosling Memes! The orange color… I’m a bit scared to commit but I think I really like it. I’d love to hear your feedback…

Thanks for taking the time to join me for My Guy Friday. Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse not only of how my laundry room is coming along but also what my guy is all about. He is such an awesome partner to have in life sometimes I just have to show him off a bit.


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  1. think orange will look great…can’t wait to see the finished product!! Love the Ryan quotes too ;)

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