Home Is Where Your Story Begins

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And home is where inspiration for this area in my upstairs hallway began as well. Growing up, we had a large bookcase in the hallway and I have fond memories of selecting familiar books from there and enjoying them time and time again. I knew I wanted to make a similar central book spot out of the space we had.  As with many of my projects I tend to have a vision or idea but need just the right items or amount of time to make it happen. My upstairs hallway was just this sort of project. First began the search for the perfect bookcase- black, sturdy and a height that could accommodate a display on top. Oh and economical… with four kids I am ALWAYS searching for the best value for my money. Ended up finding this one at Walmart. Then other decor items similarly fell into place…

{kids silhouettes (from our trip to WDW), photo books (Shutterfly), metal “G” (Kirkland’s), decorative fabric covered boxes (HomeGoods) and most recently the “HOME” word art}

The word art is the one piece that was really holding me back. I knew the phrase I wanted but wasn’t quite sure how to pull it off. First version hung in our hallway for over a year knowing full well that it wasn’t quite what I had in mind. Second version sat on a shelf for a couple of months because I hadn’t filled in the holes from version 1. And version 3 is just right as far as I’m concerned. (Geez, this is starting to sound like a “Godilocks & the Three Bears” story)
With version 3 I used a float frame and vinyl and was sure to take my time when applying the words.

{Home is where your story begins}

And so the upstairs hallway is complete. It also happens to be my direct view when lying in bed so seeing it makes me happy at many times throughout the day. And I could always use a little extra happiness ;] What spot in your house makes you happy?

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