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It’s been a great summer spent with the kids doing all kinds of fun stuff but as the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” To be honest though, back to school can’t come soon enough for this mom and this past week has me singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” just like that clever STAPLES commercial.

Without a doubt, I am very much looking forward to having the time alone to get my house back in order without kids underfoot. However, as experience has taught me, time goes by way too quickly and before you know it the kids are back home with a vengeance. The time when they get home after school tends to be the most challenging part of the day for me. With three kids trying to get snacks, tell me about their day and get homework done, things can get a little chaotic so I am creating a plan to overcome these challenges.

First two parts of the plan include snack schedule being made so that kids aren’t having five different things for snack and me staying off the computer so that I can give all my attention to them. Makes sense, right? I’ll let you know how that goes…

In addition to that, I am totally digging the motivation it has given me to combine two of my favorite things, crafting and organizing in order to tackle the third part. I like to have the kids do their homework at the kitchen table so that I can keep an eye on them. However, having multiple kids at one table can get crowded and distracting. Hence, my idea to turn a project display board into a Homework Privacy Divider.


With this, the kids can claim their own personal work space at the table, free from distractions. My first idea was simply to stand it up plain and unadorned. But creativity got the best of me and I started to come up with some other ideas to bring it to the next level.

Weekly Dry Erase Board and Pencil Case

I included a pencil case to hold the items that are always needed but hard to find.

pencil case

And a weekly calendar dry erase board using a magnet to hold the marker.

magnet to hold dry erase marker

There’s a folder to stash any important papers. Along with a pad and cork board for notes.

note pad and cork board

I could always use an excuse to make a banner so I added this little personalized touch. {and it gave me a reason to use my orange baker’s twine}

name banner with orange baker's twine

So there you have it, one step closer to having a more peaceful, organized after school time.

homework privacy divider solution

Hope you found some inspiration in this project. As always, thanks so much for taking time out of your day to stop by my blog!

Happy Back to School!


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