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Oh Pinterest… what did I do before I met you? Actually I kind of know… bookmarked any blog/page that seemed interesting & possibly (but not probably) remembered where it was when I went back to it to actually use the recipe, scrapbook layout or general inspiration that originally caught me eye. Ahhh, but times have changed. I was introduced to Pinterest by invitation {so exclusive- wink} from an old friend . Invitation accepted, I started to work my way around the site but was not immediately taken by it. That is, until I took the time to learn a thing or two about using it. They do a great job of explaining it all over there at Pinterest -> About -> Help. Take the time to read over it. Directions are fairly straightforward. See something you like in your web travels and “pin it”. You can even install a “Pin It” button right on your Bookmarks bar to make things super easy. So much easier than trying to remember why or where you saved that certain website. Endless inspiration for sure… quite possibly enough inspiration to prevent you from actually doing any of the things you are pinning. But along with taking pride in getting in on the Pinterest thing from early on I also have vowed to actually do the things I am pinning (that’s right, I have a Pinterest related vow- I’m a geek, I know)

So hand-in-hand Pinterest and I are taking on the battle of the winter blahs by tackling one (or two or three) Pinterest projects at a time. I thought it would be fun to show said projects and link back to original inspiration as well. 
Original Inspiration for faux metallic letters:

My version using this letter G that has been hanging out in my craft room waiting for its turn:

Project was super simple and I can imagine more things that could benefit by this paint combo.

Original Inspiration for DIY scrapbook paper coasters:

My version:

All wrapped up and ready to gift to some lucky person!

And for the not so crafty… good recipe for laundry soap:

I’ll spare you my pic. Looks basically the same. Works fairly well although I think I’ll still keep some Tide w/ Bleach on hand for those tough stains that summer is sure to bring. 

Whether you are interested in Home Decor, Gift Ideas or Cleaning tips… Pinterest has it covered as well as so much more. I have definitely fallen hard for the concept and would probably categorize it as life changing. What?!?- I already admitted I’m a Pinterest Geek. Haven’t tried it- what are you waiting for- an invitation? (that could be arranged) So go- spread the love, my friends. You too can be a Pin-eek!

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