I Pity the Fool!

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Ahhh, nothing quite like the realization that it’s April Fool’s Day before someone else does.  It is an opportunity that must be seized and acted upon quickly.  I was reminded of the day by Chelsea and Sophia this morning while the boys were outside playing.  Springing to action we came up with a plan.  A fake phone call from the principal (in front of the boys for full effect) wondering where the kids were since today was declared a snow make-up day and they did in fact have school (of course they did not).  They fell hook-line-and sinker.  Zac took the blame since he has been known to forget a school correspondence or two.  Joe was near tears thinking he would be in sooooo much trouble.  They both worked quickly to get dress for school- LOL!  Score one for the girls!  Luckily I ran to grab the camera before they realized what day it was.  Now, on to the next person who doesn’t seem to know…

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