I would FB this but I can’t…

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I am so done with today & yesterday for that matter.  I have had enough crappy for the week, thank you.  Yesterday was the dentist.  I used to not mind the dentist, that is, until I found out I have five cavities.  For the record, I am the person that has only had ONE cavity up until now.  It is easy to like your dentist when they don’t hurt you.  And my dentist is not the most gentle, I’m just saying…  So February 17th was my day to get 2 teeth filled and watch my daughter get 1 filled (she handled it much more graceful than me).  Today my quest for a part-time job continued with an interview at one of my favorite places on earth~ TARGET.  Where do I begin to describe the ridiculousness that ensued at this meeting?  I thought the online questionnaire was a tad  much “how trustworthy do you think most people are?” but I had no idea what was really in store for me.  OMG~I felt like a deer caught in headlights with some of the questions they asked.  “Tell me about a time when…”   Excuse me but someone must have forgotten to tell me to bring my diary with me.  I have never felt so bad about a job interview.  Makes me like my comfy stay at home mom job even more, just wish it paid better!  

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