Ikea Stenstorp Craft Table with how-to install Fintorp Rail

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Recently, I’ve been in the process of reworking my craft room. It used to have a seating area with two Ikea Tullsta chairs that faced a corner TV armoire. It was cozy and inviting, a spot that my husband and I envisioned and sketched before we even moved into our home. While I loved it, I also began to realize the need for more room to spread out. That, combined with the fact that my oldest daughter will be moving into her first college apartment and could really use some furnishings, inspired me to start looking for an island or table to replace the chairs. And yes, my beloved chairs (and daughter) are headed off to college- yikes!

Ikea Tullsta chairs

As with any creative endeavor, I dreamed of what could be. A beautiful Pottery Barn project table, maybe? Or a kitchen island complete with cabinets and drawers? I dreamed, I pinned… but ultimately reality set in and I decided to go the practical route.

Thankfully, I came across this Ikea Stenstorp free-standing kitchen island which was the perfect color to add to my existing furniture and at a price point that was within reach. It’s a creamy white color with solid-oak, butcher block top and it’s the perfect addition to my craft studio for use as my primary work space. I’m now in the process of trying to make it more user-friendly and functional. One of the things it needed was a spot to keep essential items close at hand while still keeping the surface space clear to work on. I have always loved the look of the Ikea Fintorp rail and this seemed the perfect excuse to buy one. And it just happens to be the perfect size to mount on the side of the island.

Ikea Stenstorp kitchen island used as craft table with Fintorp rail

I’m a sucker for the white or silver metal buckets that come with this line. There are hooks and wire baskets available as well. I definitely need to go back for some more of these.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse at how things look so far and a how-to video showing you the installation process.

I’ll be sure to post more pics as the update progresses!


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