Ikea + Vinyl

I have a thing for Ikea.  It started back when I lived in a smaller house and we needed to make the most of our space.  They have the best and most affordable stuff for doing just that.  Combine that with free babysitting and super affordable food and it’s no wonder why it became a favorite destination for a family outing.  Since then we have moved into a bigger house and our needs have changed a bit but Ikea still seems to have what we need.  One Ikea product that I wouldn’t want to live without is their Trones Shoe Cabinet.  It would probably function as an amazing place to put your shoes but in true Ikea form I found an alternate use. (all you parents of school age kids are gonna love this one)  Each kid has their own cabinet and we put everything they bring home from school into these.  

And I mean EVERYTHING because I once was that mom who tried to pick and choose what to save and what to toss until one too many times my daughter would catch a glance at her hard work lying in the trash.  And so now everything goes in and stays there until we have time for a major purge- usually once or twice a school year.  So yes, things still get thrown out but there’s far less chance of it being missed since time has elapsed and I can be more covert with the trash.  What we do decide to keep gets filed in a plastic bin into the appropriate school year file folder.  Each child has their own & this will be a perfect parting gift for each of my children when they move out.

We’ve been using these for a while now but taking inspiration from the 2012 Ikea catalog, I recently updated them with vinyl decals with the kids names.  I love any excuse to use vinyl these days.  Which brings me to my next Ikea project… Mustache Glasses!

I certainly didn’t come up with these glasses on my own- plenty of mustache inspiration everywhere these days!  I did find the perfect glasses to do this with though on my latest trip to Ikea.   Perfect shape, perfect size and perfect price.  They stand just under four inches tall, come in a set of six and best part yet… only cost $1.50.  Yep, 6 glasses for under $2.  SOLD!!  The mustaches were easily cut using SCAL and my cutting machine.  I used the Stache-Tastic set from JW Illustrations and easily traced each image & cut it out of Oracle 651 vinyl. This is outdoor vinyl that will hold up to washings, etc…  I am pretty pleased at how it turned out.  It totally makes me smile to open my cabinet to these.  I wish I could say that the kids loved it as much but alas they were not impressed.  I am lucky I got this one picture…
I’m gonna go see what else I can spruce up with my vinyl… until then, take care!!

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