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Here’s another idea that has been a while in the making. I have desperately wanted a better way to store my jewelry, especially my earrings. In the past they have sat in a small bowl on my bathroom sink which was functional to a point but not at all aesthetically pleasing. So I took inspiration from a earring holder my mother made me years ago that used a free standing photo frame and window screen. Since then I have amassed way more jewelry so I knew it had to be bigger… much bigger. I also knew I wanted it hung on the wall since counters are way easier to keep clean when they are clear of clutter. So I came up with this…

Jewelry frame and earring holder
With the help of my hubby, I took a wooden frame from Michael’s and attached screen to the back. Since the back would need to be accessed for earrings that have posts I came up with the idea of mounting it with hinges.
hinge on back of frame
So it can open like this…
attach frame to wall
It pretty much turned out exactly how I envisioned and I love the combination of form and function. I’m such a visual person it’s nice to have my choices all laid out before my eyes. There’s also quite enough room in the holder so that I can add to my collection. I think in the near future I will add some small cup hooks here and there so I can hand necklaces and bracelets as well.
final jewelry frame
So this is what I get to look at every day when picking out my accessories. Way better than a dish full of jewelry if I do say so myself…

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