Kitchen Cabinet Organization

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Kitchen Cabinet Organization

I thought I was finished improving the functionality of things in my kitchen since I put the final touches on my Dishdrainer Dilemna project I had been focussing on. But things like that can be contagious I’ve found, especially when cooped up inside trying to stay out of the cold. Again, I found myself wondering why I do certain things one way when clearly they can be done better. This time it was my cabinet, the same one that got the nifty spice rack addition which I wrote about in my Kitchen Ideas & Inspiration post.  The original changes were working out just fine but it became obvious to me that there was still room for improvement. These past two weeks I’ve been putting the finishing touches on it and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Here’s are some tips that helped take this cabinet from “good enough” to “great enough”.

  • Keep things most often used within closest reach.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Our first shelf houses sugars, salt, baking soda, corn starch and baking powder as well as the nifty little Matroyshka Cups for measuring it all. Needs may differ from person to person but take the time and thought to figure out what would work for you.

  • Place less used items in baskets or easily grasped containers and place them on higher shelves.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

This is the shelf I can barely reach when I’m standing on my toes. Because of that I wanted containers that were easy to pull down. This Snapware Cereal Keeper holds almost 23 cups and is just the right size to hold a bag of flour. It turned out to be exactly what I needed to make the most of the space. The basket holds miscellaneous supplies that would otherwise be lost in the cabinet if not contained together.

  • Ditch round containers for rectangular ones.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

This is probably my favorite improvement to the cabinet. I had my baking products in round containers forever. I must have got the Rubbermaid set for my bridal shower or something. Anyway, when I started realizing I didn’t have enough space for both brown sugar and powdered sugar, I knew something had to change. When I took the time to look at the cabinet it was obvious that there was more space to be used with the right container. These OXO POP Containers are available in both square and rectangular shapes so you can mix and match to maximize the space you are filling.

  • Use labels.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization_MG_0241

Labels make things easier to locate. I like to use chalk board vinyl to create write-on labels for containers. {confession- I cheated here and used PicMonkey labels for the above photo but fully intend on making some real ones in the near future} You can make these yourself with a digital cutter or buy them at office supply stores. I also can’t live without my Dymo Label Maker which is great for making individual spice labels.

  • Take advantage of the vertical space on cabinet doors.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

I hung measuring spoons on mine but I have also seen the inside of cabinet doors been made into message boards using chalk board paint.

  • Routinely clean out cabinets to get rid of outdated supplies.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

I swear I’m not getting older but somehow my spices seem to get outdated right before my eyes. Case in point, these extracts must be over ten years old because my grandmom’s handwriting is on them and she’s been dead since 2002- yikes!! McCormick actually has a “Fresh Tester” on their website if you have some of their spices you want to check.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization


So there you have it, five tips for a more functional space. Hope this helps inspire you to make your cabinets be all they can be. Now where was I headed… oh, that’s right- the laundry room!!




  1. I bet your Grandmother is proud of those shelves. You sure make it sound easy just by changing the shape of your containers to get maximum use of the space.

    • Thanks, want me to come over and rearrange yours? ;)

  2. I’ve been slowly working to make my kitchen more functional for months, and I’ve come a long way (reminds me that I need to post an update soon…) but I love your tips on the cabinet organization. I have a cabinet that is being under utilized and some disfunctional drawers. I might need to use some of your tips and tackle that project this weekend. Thanks for all the helpful tips!

    • Ughh, dysfunctional drawers- I have some of those as well. Good luck with your project and I definitely want to hear how your update turns out!

  3. You just blew my mind with the labels on the spice jar lids. WHY haven’t I ever thought of that? It’s such a pain trying to lift them up to see the labels on the lower part of the bottles. You are brilliant. I’m so doing this!

    • I love those moments… glad I could help!

  4. I was curious where you got your spice rack holder?

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