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Winter weather combined with my recent Pinterest obsession has led to a surge in home decor and organization rehabs around this house these past few months. The upstairs hallway was just one of these types of projects but to be honest few common areas have been left untouched. So here’s the room by room update on what I’ve been doing these dark and cold winter months.

   Like many families the kitchen is the hub of our house. It’s the place we eat, do homework, play and socialize. Because of that it’s a constant battle to keep it clean and organized while still making it an aesthetically inspiring place to be. It’s no wonder this area has been the focus of a few projects dealing with just this sort of stuff.
Custom vinyl monogramed plate

This plate was a  HomeGoods find a couple months ago and has been sitting around waiting for the perfect use. When I stumbled upon the Alphabet 2 on My Vinyl Designer I knew I found it. The set comes with letters A-Z and was easily customized using Sure Cuts A Lot 3. It cut out effortlessly using vinyl and my Cameo. It now sits on the half-wall between our kitchen and family room and works nicely as a transition piece between the two rooms.

be grateful for your plateful vinyl

 Another vinyl addition to our kitchen is this word art for above our sliding doors. I have such an gorgeous view from my those doors I never wanted to cover it up with curtains but the area just seemed bare and in need of some decoration. Enter vinyl solution… again cut with Cameo but this time designed with Silhouette Studio. Quote and design are my own creation and with the help of my husband applying it, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I especially like how it can have a double meaning depending on who the reader is. In one way I want it to be a message to the kiddos who are more often than not complaining about the food on their plate as well as to the adults who are sometimes overwhelmed by everything on their “plate” in life ~ sigh!

As for organization, an area in need of improvement was our spice rack. I was determined to find a better solution than the plastic 3 tier shelf I had been using. I found this Pull down spice rack at Walmart. It was a bit of a project to install so I left that to my trusty sidekick husband but overall it’s working out great. The sections really keep the bottles from falling all over the place and the pull down part is great for the vertically challenged members of our family- myself included!

 And this is just some cute stuff that makes my kitchen a more fun place to be. When I open my spice/baking cabinet I get to see this happy little Matryoshka looking back at me. She’s not only super cute but also quite functional as well being a set of measuring cups.

And I knew it would be lonely in there so I gave her a set of friendly measuring spoons that she can socialize with when the cabinet’s closed. This idea of hanging the spoons came straight from Pinterest. It was definitely a “why didn’t I think of that” but only more so when I realized I could use this set of Matryoshka spoons. It’s like it was meant to be, right?

Here’s a view of my refreshed cabinet. I love it when it just feels “right” and these projects all fit that description. I love walking into my kitchen and seeing these things that set my house apart from any other. There’s lots more updates in store but until next post…
What are some of your favorite unique spots in your home?

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