Less is More

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I’m trying to pack for my scrapbook weekend and I just feel so scattered.  Not sure what to bring and what to leave.  I thought I’d go for the “less is more” approach but I am not doing well at separating the less from the more.  So I will use this blog post to try to refocus myself on what this weekend is really about and although I truly LOVE scrapbooking what this weekend is really about is TRUE FRIENDSHIP~ a friendship that was formed about two years ago around this very same time of year.  That’s when Tina, who’s kids were taking karate with mine, suggested I go to the Creative Memories Scrapbook Retreat with her.  Apparently I was feeling bold and agreed but later seriously doubted why I wanted to spend the weekend (& room) with someone I hardly knew.  Along the way, Tina also invited another acquaintance (all our kids go to the same school), Sandy, which made me question even more if I was going to have fun.  I was probably thinking something like, “what, does she just invite everyone she meets to this thing?”  However, I had a feeling I would like Sandy as soon as she mentioned that the QVC scrapbooking show was on and she was missing it because we were at a volunteer appreciation luncheon.  At least we were on the same page with our love of scrapbooking.  The weekend came and we all enjoyed it and each other’s company immensely.    As it turned out, Tina and Sandy became two of my best friends~ not just “scrapbook friends” like I always wished I had but actual day in and day out true friends.  Last year we went to the retreat again surviving harsh temperatures, less-than-ideal seating assignments, hacking coughs & a general out-of-place feeling (Sandy and I had never quite been Creative Memories people) and had a blast through it all.  This year the retreat fell on a weekend that didn’t quite work for everyone and so we decided to have our own weekend getaway.  We aren’t going far & it’s not anyplace exciting but I couldn’t be happier to spend the weekend with two of my favorite people in this world doing one of my favorite things!!  Okay, now onto packing…

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