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I  may have skipped past the last My Guy Friday like it didn’t exist but have no fear this week there is NO forgetting MY GUY this Friday. Why is this week so memorable, you may ask? Well, it just happens to be fifteen years since I first met the love of my life, Dennis. And what better way to celebrate this momentous event than to share the story of how we met. Forgive me while I get a little sappy here…

It was 1998 and I was a single-mom working as a manager of a children’s clothing store. I had just come out of a semi-serious relationship and was feeling as if I would never find that special someone to share my life with. I had a good understanding of what I wanted and why previous relationships hadn’t worked out.Having a child at the age of nineteen and having kissed my fair share of frogs I came to understand that dating while having a child gives you a completely different perspective… almost like having a litmus test for relationships. Yes, I understood this but that didn’t make the heartbreak and loneliness any easier. When that short-lived but full-of-promises relationship ended I couldn’t help but feel like I hit rock bottom. I remember thinking how sad it was that my Valentine’s Day roses outlived another relationship (if only I knew what was in store).

The Lenten season was just beginning and something pulled me to go to daily mass for the entire season. I had been Catholic all my life but never thought to attend mass daily. I remember kneeling in that church praying the Serenity Prayer over and over… wisdom to accept the things I couldn’t change, courage to change the things I could and wisdom to know the difference. Not praying specifically for a husband but rather for some peace and healing in my heart. Knowing the power of God it shouldn’t surprise me that a mere six days after Easter was the day my life changed forever.

On April 18, 1998 a friend from my high school days asked me to join him and his friends (who I didn’t know) for a night out at The Plough & The Stars, a bar in Philadelphia. I happily accepted the invitation although my mother was none too happy about me being the only girl with three men. I pleaded my case with the old, “But you say I should try new things” argument. It also helped that I was twenty-four at the time so she only had moderate say in my comings and goings. Like it or not, I was going out that night. And thank God I did…

To this day I still don’t know the intentions of that friend but he put me in the back seat of the car for the ride to Philly and the rest is pretty much history. So yeah, the backseat- that is where I met my love. Just me and Dennis for the ride to Philly. But it really is more romantic than that. Oh yeah, My Guy is romantic… he had me at those magic words, “Peach, isn’t it?”, referring to the scent of my shampoo and apparently enamored with it. An intelligent, well dressed man with a keen sense of smell? Once we established that he wasn’t gay, I was enamored with HIM for the rest of the night. And all the nights after that…

We met up again as a group that following Thursday  at Poly Ester’s, a 70’s themed night club, when he finally asked me out on a REAL date. That weekend we went to Manayunk and ate at the farmer’s market. He was the first guy in a LONG time who actually planned (and paid) for dates. I started to see more and more of how fun, smart, responsible and caring he was. Not just with me but with my daughter as well. And not a put-on “I can be a good dad” act but a genuine ease of being around Chelsea and she with him. He just fit right in with the entire family. We spent as much time as possible together.

I had finally found the person who was all the things that were important to me: fun to be around, responsible and good with Chelsea. After about nine months of dating he proposed to me… our life together was going to the next level. We were married nine months later and had our first child together after another nine months.

A couple more kids and several years later I can wholeheartedly say that he truly was and still is the answer to my prayers. I am blessed to have him in my life. He is my partner, my friend, my love, my rock, My Guy!! Here’s to another fifteen (x 5) years together!!



  1. aww…cute story & pics, you guys are adorable!

  2. Happy that the love story continues. Happy Meeting the love of your life Anniversary! Your prayer was powerful – God bless you both.


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