New Wegmans App Review

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I *may* have mentioned before that I like things “easy”. It couldn’t be more true and can pretty much apply to any aspect of my life. One task in particular that always gets on my nerves for being overly complicated is food shopping. Think about it- ideally you should create a list (which entails having somewhat of a menu plan), gather coupons, drive to store (that’s pretty easy actually), put the items into your cart, take items out of cart, put items into bags, put bags back into cart, take bags out of cart and into car, take bags out of car and into house, unpack bags and put items away. It’s no wonder why I’m sick of looking at this stuff and don’t want to cook once I get home! For years I have been dreaming about the ideal way to streamline this whole process and maybe one day you’ll see me on “SharkTank” pitching my ideas to Mark Cuban and fellow sharks. In the meantime, I’ll have to work with what technology has brought us so far which consists of things like online shopping and barcode scanning apps.


While looking through the Winter 2013 Wegmans Menu Magazine, I was excited to see they have their own new app. Advertised as “Supermom’s secret ingredient” (hey now, they’re obviously talking to me-LOL!) it can remember past purchases,  create and organize shopping lists by aisle and add recipe ingredients to your list with one click. I immediately downloaded it on my Adroid phone and started exploring.


Most impressive was the ability to sync with my Wegmans shoppers club card which imported all my shopping history, chocolate chip cookies and all. That made it easier to build a list for my next shopping trip and ensure that I don’t forget any of my Wegmans favorites! Adding items to my list was a bit sluggish on my phone so I tried out the Beta list builder on This worked like a charm and also syncs with the app. In no time, I had created a functional shopping list organized by aisle so I could avoid the dreaded backtracking through the store when I inevitably would forget a certain item.

There was also a meatloaf recipe in the magazine that I wanted to try. The recipe search feature enabled me to quickly locate that recipe and add the ingredients to my list. I did this on my phone but this can be done online as well where you could easily delete any items you may already have from the list.

I love the idea that  I can build this shopping list anywhere, anytime and my husband will have access to it. No more, “I’m stopping at Wegmans, do you need anything?” phone calls. My husband is way more of a technology junkie than myself so this is a very attractive feature that I hope will entice him to get more involved with keeping the house stocked and menus planned. Okay, maybe I’m asking too much there but clearly this app is going to help make the dreaded task of food shopping & menu planning easier!

If you haven’t tried it, you should definitely check it out. There’s also a chance to win $100 Wegmans gift cards by tweeting how the new app makes shopping easier to @Wegmans  and hashtag “#wegapp” fromJanuary 20-292013. *Must follow Wegmans to be eligible*

$100 worth of free food from Wegmans?!? What items would you be sure to add to your list if you won? Chocolate chip cookies would be at the top of mine :)




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