Quick & Easy DIY Lamp Redo

Posted on May 1, 2012 in Home Decor | 1 comment

A quick post about a quick lamp redo/upgrade… I recently had to replace the buffet lamps that sit on the console in my foyer. I really liked the lampshades but over time the base had come loose and the wiring must have went wrong because it was darkening around the base of the bulb. I don’t like to mess around with electrical mishaps so I figured my best bet was to replace. I found a reasonable option (nice finish, size and price) at Walmart but the shades lacked any real style. Since my old lampshades wouldn’t fit on my new lamps I had to figure out another option while still keeping the price reasonable. I am absolutely in love with all the floral clips and pins that you see everywhere these days so I thought I’d give them a shot.

Lamp shade with floral clip

I found these at Forever 21 for about $3.00 and simply pinned them right onto the lampshade. They work really well with the decor already there and proved to be a great improvement over the plain old lamps I started with!

table lamp with floral clip

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  1. Therese – I love your blog, great posts! :)

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