String Eggs~ A Quick & Easy Easter Centerpiece

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String Egg Tutorial Easter Centerpiece Idea



String Eggs are a quick, easy and FUN way to add a touch of color and whimsy to your Easter holiday or even just Spring in general.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started…


String Egg Tutorial Supplies



I used Sta-Flo liquid starch that I found at Walmart- they seriously have everything! (You can also find it on through the text link)

I grabbed some yarn at AC Moore that was kind of a mix between string and yarn. It’s called Sugar n’ Cream and comes in several spring-like colors.





First thing you’ll want to do is to cut your string into manageable pieces. I did each one about 24-36 inches.

And blow up your balloons. This is the hardest part… seriously, if you get through this it will be smooth sailing from here on out!

Next, pour some liquid starch into a shallow dish. I used a pie plate which gave me a lot of surface area to spread my pieces out.

Place about 3-5 pieces of yarn/string  in the starch at a time. Allow them to get totally saturated.

When you take the string out of the liquid but while still holding it over the bowl, run your thumb and forefinger down the piece to remove any excess starch.



String Egg Tutorial


 To start wrapping, it helps to cross over the end to hold it in place.



 Keep wrapping, spreading out string and crossing when possible.



Add enough pieces to cover the egg so that there are no major holes or until it looks good to you.

Don’t worry too much if the ends stay exactly in place. When the eggs dry and harden you can tuck the ends under the other string to create a finished look.

Set the eggs aside for about 24 hours and let them dry. It helps to turn them mid-way so that all sides get a chance to dry.

When eggs are dry and hardened, you can pop the balloon and gently remove it. Then go ahead and tuck those ends.


String Egg Tutorial


 Now grab a bowl, basket, vase or cloche, throw them in and TaaDaa- you have an EASTER CENTERPIECE!!

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  1. Very beautiful. I haven’t seen a bottle of starch in a long time. Didn’t know that they still sold it. I would rather use it to make these beautiful eggs than on shirts.

    • I’m telling you, they have EVERYTHING at Walmart.

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