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Sitting here I realize the question of how to start my blog has been holding me back from actually starting my blog- yes, my life is soooo complicated ;) Anywhoo, while downloading pics recently I realized that I have stories right there I want to capture before I forget. So I’ll start there. Pretty much pics from last week which happened to be the last week of school. I’m gonna fake it till I make it so hang it there I will get better at this. (Last comment more for my sake than anyone else)

This week came with mixed emotions. The kids have been at each other’s throats for some reason which puts me on referee duty & ramps up the stress in my life big time. Most frustrating is they are back to being best buds when I am still fuming at their behavior- grrrrr! The good thing is deep down (& most of the time) they are best buds!

This year we were fortunate enough to have Zac & Joe on the same team for Little League. So nice to only have one team to follow. They really took it to a whole new level of seriousness this year. From practicing in the driveway to watching baseball on TV with a newfound passion, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them grow to love this sport. Here they are at their last game of the season with their helmets on & ready to bat.

Another year seems to have passed without the boys mastering how to put their uniform pieces away. This came to bite us in the butt one last time for the year as Zac had Dennis & I scouring the house looking for a missing Buck. Having no luck in our search I told Zac to wear his tan Crocs instead. This was not well received by him but I managed to get him into the car & onto the bus with only a couple threats. Problem solved- at least partially I thought until he came walking into the house after school looking like this.
Here I find out he wore one Croc & one Buck throughout the school day. It’s just so Zac- he’d rather do it his way than any other!

In the middle of my chaos I have to stop to appreciate the beauty of the season around me~ especially when it’s right outside my door. I am so not a gardener. I usually refer to plants as “my next victim” but somehow this flower bed is thriving. Here are some blooming Asiatic Lily’s & even mums hanging out until the fall when they will bloom. My vegetable garden however is another story…

At least someone’s happy about all that dust on my table. Plans to start summer vacation with a clean house not on target. Luckily there seem to be many cloudy days to play catch up.

Finally, after much anticipation, the day we have been waiting for with mixed emotions- the last day of school. School shirts off & bare chested can’t you just tell they are ready for some summer fun? Sooo, how about we start with this…

My friend Sandy’s great idea to take pics of the kids shoes prompted me to take it one step further & combine it with the “Trash the Dress” photo thing that brides do. After a quick stop at the Dollar Store for some glitter glue, silly string & shower curtain tarps, I unleashed the kids with some old paint & foam brushes to destroy their shoes- in the most creative way possible of course :~) They had fun & I think we might have the beginning of a long tradition for our family. And so the start of summer & the start of my blog go hand in hand with hopefully many adventures to be shared…


  1. Wow Your blog is so thought provoking….inspiring! I can’t wait for your next entry!!

  2. Good Morning T- I am so excited , you are my first Blog… Thanks for trashing the shoes, painting them was definately more fun than just throwing them in the trash! I think we will continue that tradition. Glad you got this thing up and running, do you think they have wireless internet at the pool???

  3. keep it up…it get’s easier ;)

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