The Reveal- (Laundry Room Makeover Part 3)

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I’m tickled pink (or should I say, orange) how my laundry room has come together over the past month or so. With a few tweaks to organization, layout and color this essential spot in our home has been made all the more inviting to work in. From the start I approached this with emphasis on function and getting the most out of this space rather than pure aesthetics. Don’t get me wrong… I would love to have a pretty little laundry room complete with jars and scoops, matching towels rolled and displayed on open shelving and baskets with ribbons and bows that I gawk over on Pinterest.  Unfortunately, that’s just not gonna fly due to limited space and amount of people living here. So let me show you around the finished product of my attempt to combine form and function without sacrificing style…

Last post left off with the reworked over-the-door organizer. Here it is surrounded by a fresh coat of paint.


Laundry, organizer, labeled organization


And if you look real close you might just notice where my husband replaced the wood trim along the door where the dog had scratched the life out of.


Closeup of replaced wood trim details


To the left of the door is the sink and trash can. I love how this can was practically made for this space. It’s extra important that it’s covered since I have a dog who thinks the trash can is a second bowl.

The picture of the flower was given to me by an old friend and has been around since the beginning of time our marriage. It just happens to go perfectly with the orange color I chose, Orange Poppy. Thanks, Sonnie!


laundry, orange, kvartal, organization, makeover



And another view from the front… That little elephant bank in the lower right hand corner is where I store all the money I find make while doing the laundry. I wish that the person who gave it to me knew that I still use it… Carolyn- are you out there?

I just couldn’t resist the cute “Help Wanted” sign I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I don’t have any applicants yet though…


Laundry Services- Help Wanted


Underneath the sink and cleverly hidden behind the trashcan is my indispensable BISSELL Spotbot and trusty bucket. No space is wasted!


Extra storgae space utilized under sink for buckets and Spotbot


Because this room is only about 8.5’x 6′ it’s important to take full advantage of all space. With limited floor space, vertical was the way to go. Here are the two walls with drying racks and mop / broom rack.


Laundry, rack, orange, organization


The white metal hanging bucket is from Ikea and provides easy access to clothes pins. I also replaced all the random sized store hangers with a set of blue hangers for a more cohesive look.


A view of two drying racks with extra storage


And now for my favorite part of the “tour”…


View of laundry room before makeover


View of Laundry Room after makeover



I am lovin’ how those curtains cover the “junk” but keep it accessible. They were super simple to install (especially since my husband did it) and slide easily out of the way. One day, I will get around to making what’s behind it prettier but in the meantime nobody needs to know what’s back there. Except  of course, you lucky readers who got a peek of my junk ;)

So there you have it, laundry room makeover- real world style. Not that Real World, my real world- four kids, two dogs, one husband and an affinity for all things functional. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some laundry to do…

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