Wake Me Up When September Ends

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Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last

Wake me up, when September ends.

I’m not sure what Green Day meant when they wrote this song but it’s kind of how I feel after a loooong kid-focussed summer and back-to-school season. I told myself I wouldn’t let blogging fall by the wayside but somehow it happened. No excuses or apologies here though. I thoroughly enjoyed all that kept me busy along the way from kids stuff to the more grownup stuff. Just so you don’t feel like you missed anything, here’s a peek at what I did on my summer vacation…


Summer Pool Side


Days spent poolside with family and friends.





Tried to make the ordinary shopping trips into something a little more fun.




Family outings to explore our local treasures.




Stuck the kids in a cage when they weren’t behaving… (kidding, it’s Chuck E. Cheese people- relax!)




Enjoyed quite a few gorgeous sunsets from our backyard.




Celebrated Zachary’s 13th birthday and Dennis’ 41st birthday.




And the highlight, spent a week together in Ocean City, NJ for our annual family vacation.

Along with the obvious of not writing on my blog, here’s some other things that I DIDN’T do on my summer vacation:

– make weekly menus

– have strict bedtimes for the kids (or myself for that matter)

– read my regular blogs

– do much “pinning”

– keep up with my crafty side

So now that summer is officially over, I guess I can wake my blog back up and start writing again. I am eager to get back to finding inspiration and sharing it with all of you. It was a fun hiatus while it lasted but I am looking forward to my passion for creating to be reignited. 

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