Weekly Menu~ April 21-27

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Last week’s menu got tweaked a bit throughout the hustle and bustle of our schedule. Thursday night Chelsea wasn’t going to be home in time for the shrimp dinner so we decided to consolidate the sausage skewers and shrimp into one meal on Friday.  We also added a new “toy” to our kitchen- a Pizzazz Pizza Oven. So instead, we turned Thursday night into our night to try out cooking on the new Pizzazz. I’m going to give it a week before I do a full review but it was definitely a fun and easy way to prepare dinner.

Also, the weather didn’t put me in much of a sangria mood so that will wait for another week. Last but not least, Saturdays scheduled meal was moved to Sunday so that we could finish off some leftovers and get to the field in time for the game.

This week’s menu is a bit more laid back having learned my lesson. There’s only so many nights a girl who hates to cook can be in the kitchen ;)



Black Bean Enchiladas


Saucy One-Pan Raviolis, focaccia, spinach salad


Spicy Sausage Skillet (recipe calls this breakfast but we always serve it for dinner), spinach salad


Grilled chicken, Crash Hot Potatoes, cucumber salad

Thursday: (game night)

Hot Dogs n’ Crescents, applesauce


sliders, french fries, carrots

Saturday: (Parent’s Night Out)

dinner at Grandmom’s :)



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