Wonders of Walmart

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I guess it’s no secret that I shop at Walmart…I’ve certainly referenced it enough in posts; buffet lamp redo, spice rack organization and laundry hamper labels, to name a few. It’s almost embarrassing. Almost- that is, if I wasn’t such a believer that you can have style and function at any price point if you know what to look for. And there is so much to be found at Wally World if you take the time to look!

I thought I’d share with you some of my recent finds during my trip to Walmart.


First thing that caught my eye was this package of cheesecloth. I had seen projects on Pinterest involving cheesecloth but hadn’t known I could pick some up right here. See that ghost on the packaging? Yeah, that’s a future project for sure!

paint samples

I have a few painting project in the works so when I wandered down the paint aisle and found these sample size bottles I was sold. Not only are they a great idea for trying out colors in advance of painting but they could be used in small craft projects when you don’t need a whole gallon. It even comes with a brush!!

Pumie stone

Ok, these two are totally not stylish but both very functional. Walmart is just about the only place I have found these Pumie stones. They are fantastic for removing the rings in the toilet as well as other rust stains around the house. Like magic, it just takes the stains away. And really, you will seem more stylish if you have a clean bowl {wink}.

The cleaning wand is to use in the shower. I found a cleaning tip (probably on Pinterest) that said to fill this with vinegar and dish soap and keep it in the shower to clean tile. I prefer to clean my shower while in it so I’m going to give this one a shot.

clear stamps

Walmart also has a nice craft department that includes a dollar section which is just where I found these super cute clear stamps. I have already made a few Halloween cards, but these are calling for a few more to be made.

Bottlecaps candy

What better thing to snack on while crafting than some candy from my childhood-Bottlecaps!

apple juice

This might be my favorite find of the day, Martinelli’s Apple Juice. It’s really not the juice that made me buy this but rather the bottle it comes in. I simply love glass and the vintage feel of the font and embossed design all in the shape of an apple complete with leaves at the top. To add to the vintage feel the back even reads, “For Nutrition Facts Write S. Martinelli & Co.” There were four in a pack but I’m totally going back for more. I’m thinking of using the bottles for place card holders for Thanksgiving- some kraft paper, baker’s twine, I can see it now. Oh & the juice was delicious as well. Yeah, I’m in love!

Although it’s not particularly glamorous to be a Walmart shopper, it does pay off for the wonders you find there. Next chance you get, take some time and see what you discover in the aisles of Walmart. If nothing else, you could get some good pictures to add to the People of Walmart collection!

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